Warren County Truancy Policy

Warren County Truancy Policy: Lack of attendance in school is cited as a possible gateway to future criminal activity. Judge Powell, in conjunction with the County's nine school districts, has developed a recommended truancy policy for the public schools in Warren County. The Court, in conjunction with the schools, will be attempting to improve attendance. When a student has 2 days of unexcused absence, a letter will be sent to the student's custodian, parent, or caretaker by the school, informing them of the missed days and the educational policies and laws that apply to the student. When a student has 5 days of unexcused absences, the student and parent may be required to attend an educational meeting about school attendance policy, educational law and possible Court consequences. This meeting is co-presented by school officials and Court personnel. When a student has 7 unexcused absences, an informal hearing will be scheduled on an individual basis with the student, parent or caretaker, school representative and a Court official. The purpose of this hearing is to explore the issues that are keeping the child out of school and attempt to find solutions that will successfully get the student to school every day. If the student is still not successfully attending school, the truancy officer, or other assigned school official, may file charges on the student and/or parent. A hearing will be scheduled and if the student and/or parent or caretaker is adjudicated or found guilty of the charge, the Court can make dispositional orders with which the student and parent or caretaker will be required to comply. Possible truancy related charges and O.R.C.s:

  • Unruly Truancy (2151.022(B) O.R.C.)
  • Habitual Truancy(2151.011(B)(18) O.R.C.)
  • Chronic Truancy(2151.011(B)(9) O.R.C.)
  • Criminal Prohibition
  • Educational Neglect(2919.22.2 O.R.C.)
  • Contributing to Unruliness/Delinquency of child(2919.24 O.R.C.)

Possible Consequences

  • Require a child not to be absent without legitimate excuse
  • Order child placed on Probation
  • Suspension of driver’s license or restrict the right to test for an operator’s license
  • Order any mental health, drug and alcohol or other evaluations
  • Order child to do community services
  • Require parent to participate in up to 70 hours of community service
  • Participate in a Truancy Education Program
  • $500 bond
  • Pay up to a $1000 fine plus costs
  • Any other order deemed appropriate to facilitate successful school attendance
  • Commitment of Juvenile to Juvenile Detention Center
  • Commitment of adults/parents to Warren County Jail

It is the hope of this Juvenile Court that all children in Warren County successfully complete their education through the 12th grade. Being in school every day will contribute to that goal becoming a reality.