About Us

The mission of the Warren County Regional Planning Commission (WCRPC) is to provide the finest service to our member communities, clients and the public, through the application of sound planning principles. The RPC strives to make Warren County the best place to live, work and play.

As a planning organization, the RPC is semi-autonomous from county government, with a separate budget and distinct bylaws. The Commission was created in 1972 to ensure the County’s 11 townships and 16 municipalities each had a voice on planning and development issues that affected the County as a whole.

The original and primary focus of the RPC is to review new subdivisions. More recently however, the agency’s scope and mission has been broadened and diversified, to take on a diverse range of projects of community-wide significance. These projects have included community plans, regional plans, local area plans, conservation plans, grant writing, zoning code rewrites and updates, HUD entitlement planning, and downtown planning.

Planners working for the RPC are as much facilitators as they are technicians, bringing diverse groups of people together to lay a wide range of ideas on the table. In doing so, RPC staff synthesizes a wealth of information that technical data alone, although vital, cannot provide. As a mission-driven organization, the RPC strives to make planning services available to all member communities.